Web Conference Reflection

Today I had my web conference with my learning partner for the PIDP program, Alisha. Vancouver Community College incorporates Skype with much of the content in the delivery of the Foundations of Adult Education course. The whole Skype experience has been really positive. It feels like I’m working with a partner in a physical classroom situation rather than the virtual one we are actually taking part in. Alisha helped me see where I was doing well in the blog assignment and where there were some gaps. For example, while I was “teaching” her about the trend of indigenization in the academy, I realized I went into the situation without a plan around how I was going to teach the material to her. I have just finished learning about lesson plans and as a result, I am more aware when I go into teaching situations without a plan. I have to admit that before the PIDP 3100 course, I usually prepare for teaching situations by jotting down some key points I want to cover on a scrap of paper and then going for it! Despite my less than adequate preparation methods, I did remain on point and Alisha told me it was informative and had some excellent feedback. However, I can’t help but feel that a formalized plan would have given her a clearer picture. It might have also helped me deliver the material in a more professional way.

Just another “teachable moment” on my learning journey!


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