Education Matters

Does it? Something I ponder daily is the question of what school is for. As a university recruiter, it’s a question I’m faced with all the time. When I try to answer it I feel I’ve done the asker a disservice. Why? Because it’s a question best answered by the asker. This past summer I created a course called Education Matters as part of the Provincial Instructor Diploma program. The course invites students to explore and discover what school is for – for themselves. My hope is that students will find what’s actually at the heart of the course, which is actually the student’s own heart. I want them to articulate who they are and who they think they were meant to be. Next I want them to be confident enough to take next steps so and learn how they will apply their individuality in the world for the benefit of others.

I don’t mean students should pick a stream and find “the one” path that will serve them the rest of their lives. Life changes, goals change. It is my belief we are never any one person with a set of static interests. Post-secondary education is about sparking the desire to change constantly and know when and how based on what’s inside, not what’s inside others.

Now, I warned you in a previous post that I’m a former art student. So the above may sound flowery and like wishful thinking. I think that’s okay. Now you try.

Where will you take your education?
Where will you take your education?

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