So, I’ve Been Thinking…

Digital Storytelling is a relatively new phenomena. As I get older, new phenomena are basically things that have appeared within the last ten (or twenty) years. Basically anything that’s come on the scene since I purchased my first IBM 8088 with a DOS-based OS, is new to me.

According to Lambert, (2013), Digital Story in film has the power to, “allow some shifts in perspective about the events in our lives, and we believe those shifts are particularly useful to work in identity” (p. 12). Now that’s interesting for someone who is interested in facilitating a transformational shift in students’ ways of being in the world. Who would be interested in inflicting…ugh, I mean providing opportunities for…such a challenging and downright mean kind of shift? Teachers of course!

In Lambert’s book, mindfulness expert, Jon Kabat-Zinn suggests using digital storytelling as a form of reflective practice. He says, “The plasticity of images, music, voice, the very playfulness of arranging and re-arranging meaning by visual sequence and juxtaposition, the entire process becomes regenerative for many people” (Lambert, p. 127) Kabat-Zinn also explains how working with the digital aspects of your story can change perceptions, something I love to challenge myself with.

In the classroom, digital stories can be a way for students to keep track of how they are doing over time (Lambert, 2013). This can be cathartic at times where progress seems slow or it feels as if nothing has been accomplished. Ever. Who hasn’t felt that way? Okay. I’m excited. How can I use digital storytelling in my own life and practice?


  • Lambert, J. (2013). Digital storytelling: Capturing lives, creating community. Hoboken: Taylor and Francis.

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