Intellectual Standards…Who Knew?

So, I’ve been thinking. It really hurts. I’ve been working toward my Provincial Instructor’s Diploma (PIDP) slowly, but surely. I haven’t taken a course in about a year, to be exact. I want to share a cool little resource with you that might help you whether you are a fellow PIDP student or whether you (like me) are just having a “brain fart.” Ahem. What I mean to say is, this resource will help if your wheels happen to be a little rusty like mine.

I came upon it when my instructor asked me to google intellectual standards. One of the great things about rejoining a learning community is the sparks that can be generated by a simple signpost, like the one my instructor put in front of me. I’m not saying the rest of the course will be smooth as a squeegee swipe afterwards, but fingers crossed, it might help. 🙂

Why not take three minutes and thirty-three seconds out of your day to watch this quick vid? I can hear those squeaky wheels turning!


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