Field Trips are Fun?

Okay, I’ll confess. I’m a Rockstar. Actually, that’s a lie. Well. Sort of. I’m a recruiter, which means I live very much like a Rockstar. Part of my job is to plan university tours for small and large groups of recruiters. I only recently took a few students along, but I can see that having to think about learning outcomes, student engagement, and stuff like that in addition to the travel arrangements would be tough!

This little vid put together by Melissa Nutall helped me see that it’s actually not all that different. Her idea of self-directed field trips (students take themselves somewhere and then report back) was really cool! I also like the idea of having students actually do something in the community (Service Learning). That would make my job as the teacher a lot easier. Of course, the team-building aspects of field trips can not be beat. I see this all the time on the road…people get really close. With a group of students, the opportunities to create Learning Communities can’t be beat. 🙂



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