I Hate Group Work

Check out this Prezi by Atoosha Zargar. In it she describes the role of Cooperative Learning in the classroom. Zargar makes some good points about how to frame Cooperative Learning for students. She says that, “Enforcing the idea [in students] that success is not individual.” (Zargar, 2015). I like that idea because it’s true that in order to accomplish anything really interesting sharing with others is a key.

I think that Cooperative Learning is something that anyone entering the workforce now would do well to have in their back pocket. Just like our own dysfunctional families, we don’t get to choose who our coworkers are and we have to understand how to work with them toward required outcomes. Doing this in a classroom setting is excellent practice. That way, you can be diplomatic and try creative approaches to success when one team member isn’t pulling their weight at the office. 😉





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