Thinking About Thinking Again

This video is about creative thinking. Lithgow (2013) shares some ways we can create the conditions for creating creative thinkers in the classroom. Have a looksee:

Golly! Who knew there were so many different types of thinking! After watching the video, I realized I couldn’t immediately put meaning to “divergent thinking.” So…I looked it up. Divergent thinking is a one of the types of thinking you can do to help your brain take those next steps toward creative thinking. When divergent thinking is employed, students generate a whole bunch of ideas around a given topic in order to see it in as many different ways they can.

Sidetrack Moment
Divergent thinking is kind of like going to the mall and trying on an outfit in each store (Sorry, I stopped in at Metrotown this weekend so I could get creative about my look). Then once you’ve seen all the possible options, you can make the most informed choices (and look fabulous!).

That’s where convergent thinking comes in. You take all those options and ideas and put them all back together into a whole concept again.

Weird, eh?


I used these websites to understand divergent thinking a little better:


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