Learning to Learn: Yes it’s a Thing

From what I gather, learning to learn is very much related to metacognition. Basically it’s about examining your own thinking and thinking practices and using what’s uncovered during those reflections to your advantage in learning situation. It’s also about knowing what kinds of study techniques and tricks will work for you. My impression is that this kind of self-knowledge is a process and will come with a few trial and error sessions and a lot of reflection. Having said that, I know that I’ve applied some of these techniques to understand my own learning and it has saved me a ton of time.

I was blown away by the concept of learning how to learn because no one ever actually taught me how to learn or how to examine my own learning style so that I could learn best. I wasn’t even aware of the concept during my undergraduate degree and this knowledge would have come in so handy! I finally stumbled upon learning to learn tips and other study skills info when my department at work helped create this learning commons site. Once I started applying some of the principles I found in this video, I was stunned at how fast concepts stuck in my mind and how I was able to transfer them across many areas of my life. Amazing stuff!

I invite you to take this learning styles test to see what you can learn about your own learning. Please share a short synopsis of your results!



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