Do You Think What you Think You Think?

Do You Think What you Think you Think is the title of one of my fave books. It’s a lovely collection of philosophy puzzles that provoke higher-order thinking and discussion. They also provoke a little something called cognitive dissonance.

“What is that?” You say.

For those of you that are like, “puhshaw, I know what cognitive dissonance is dum dum,” you have my permission to read ahead. As for the rest of you…

Cognitive dissonance occurs when we try to hold two conflicting beliefs at the same time. It often leads to an unsettled feeling…or in some cases extreme anxiety. What ultimately ends up happening is that the dissonance has to be resolved. We either have to change our mind or stay in the limbo-land of “maybe this, maybe that…” forEVER. Sounds fun, right? Not to mention the party pooper paradise you’d create if you only surrounded yourself with people who thoughtlessly bought into your flawed theories even though you know they’re flawed. Sounds like a GREAT time to me!

So, get your ducks in a row. Be consistent and logical about your beliefs. Yep. It’s going to hurt, but guess what? Pain is just weakness leaving the body.



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