Check Yourself

So…do you do it? Do you do it in the privacy of your own home or in public? Do you do it while eating ice cream or while you’re trying on that new dress at the mall? How do you do it if you don’t know you should do it?

I’m talking about your assumptions, of course.

We all have assumptions about things that we feel absolutely sure we know. How do we know to ask questions of ourselves if our assumptions are never challenged? One way to check yourself is to surround yourself with people who challenge you. People who aren’t afraid to ask hard questions and make you unpack your claims to the very bottom of the suit case.

If you’re like me and have people like this in your life, you probably don’t like them much. Even though you don’t like them, you probably value them more ice cream. You probably even value them more than the new dress you just bought at the mall.

Sorry…thinking about food and shopping again. Dang distractions.

So…these people who challenge you…I bet they constantly want you to go into detail about claims that you make. Oftentimes they task you with doing things you say you can do or will do or should do. These pesky folks are worth their weight in gold though it may seem like they are the ankle weights you put on when you do your Jane Fonda workout tapes.

The value of “friends” like these is that they make you a better person. Even when you think you’re already pretty great, a sideways glance tells you there’s still a long way to go. Roll on, Jane Fonda, roll on.


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