Transitions Are Hard Part 2

Yup. So, I said in an earlier post. I’m going to name this the, Transitions Are Hard series.

One of the main focuses of my new job is to help students from Aboriginal Communities transition to post-secondary. So, I’m grateful for this reminder about how difficult transitions are.

Disclaimer: I have it easy as far as new jobs go. I’m working with a team I’ve known for a long time, we’re doing things that are just a side step away from what I was doing before…so why does it still feel so weird?Change_860x440

I’m letting go of the old. New space, new projects (alone), new schedule, new opportunities. While all that is good, I’m mourning the loss of the old stuff too. It’s like I’m in a white room. There are decorations all around me and I can put them up wherever I want to make the place feel homey. I might try a few things and then re-arrange what I’ve done.

Yup. It’s weird. And that’s okay. And everything’s going to feel weird for a while. And guess what? That’s okay too. 😉

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