Transitions Can Be Fun

Transitions are fun when you think about them from the safety of your current safe-zone siac50d856cbb58aebd1b1cd4c071bf5f7.jpgtuation. You know, like when you think about all the things you don’t like about your current situation and think, wow. Good thing I can transition the heck outta here. When you don’t actually face the icky things and just think about escape pods all day, you can neglect to consider the things you do like. And when I say consider, I mean enjoy. You can neglect to enjoy the good things that happen. Yep. I guarantee you there are definitely some good things too. Look. There. It’s the coworker that know’s your Starbucks order. Or I dunno, the fact that you always get Sundays off. Your good thing is there. I promise.

And…when all you think about is escape pods and mysterious sink holes that lead to Palm Springs or whatever, you’re not actually enjoying this sometimes arduous, often more arduous in your head, fantastic journey you’re on called life. 😉


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