Y’know What’s Cool?


In a PechaKucha presentation, there are rules. Twenty images, twenty seconds each. No text. What a neat way to share stories, right? There’s something really intimate about these presentations. I feel like I’m in a stranger’s living room, on their comfiest couch, having tea and looking in on a slice of

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life. Someone’s REAL life…not the Hollywood crazy housewives of New York or whatever. It’s voyeuristic, but not in a creepy or overdone way. It’s honest and at times really heartfelt.


Now that’s just good clean fun, eh? 😉


Notes Are Fun

Not only is note-taking a super fun way to learn how to learn…writing stuff down can improve your life in other ways too. Writing can help you process the big stuff rambling around in your brain. There’s nothing more satisfying than reading through an academic article with your trusty notepad at your side. Try it and see that you actually do understand the concepts!

Writing can be an outlet to express yourself too. You might think you’re not artsy…well give your pencil a whirl around the notepad and find out if that’s true. I may be a nerd, but I love the feel of pen to paper. Don’t you? There’s nothing more satisfying than taking an inky stroll over some high-quality art paper with an expensive pen. One of my students uses artist-quality tools to sketch out notes so that she has a visual representation of the concepts discussed in class. During her study time she re-energizes her doodles and adds flourishes that help her uncover layers of meaning, which she brings back for class discussion.

This medium has so many possibilities. Let your creative brain out of the cage and see where note-taking can take your class.