Nice to Meet You…

How do you like me so far?

This was my dad’s big opener at many a soiree. Many a polite party guest would just smile and nod, and say, “hahah, fine….” I wonder how it would have gone if the feedback he got was anonymous or open-ended?

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Well. It might have hurt his feelings.

Poll Everywhere is a polling tool (no duh), where users can let you know what they really think without looking you in the eye. Or while ALL of them look you in the eye. Wouldn’t that be a fun party trick? If you can handle the truth, why not poke Poll Everywhere into your pocket to take to your next big party?

Or… might it be a great way to engage your students?

No duh it would.



Do you hate tests? I sure don’t. I LOVE them. I love job interviews too.

I’m seriously serious. I think of job interviews and tests the same way you probably think of the Olympics or an NHL game. They are an opportunity to train your heart out and see just how much you can amp up your game. Not only that! How hard is it to come by honest and down right AWESOME feedback? Pretty hard, I say.

I realize not everyone loves the sweat-infused anxiety that tests and job interviews bring on, so I want to share something really interesting I learned about formative testing. Basically, it’s a way for students to check in with themselves and have those honest conversations with their teacher about how they’re doing. Get this: in a low-stress and positive way. Tests + positivity? Who knew it could be that easy?