Y’know What’s Cool?


In a PechaKucha presentation, there are rules. Twenty images, twenty seconds each. No text. What a neat way to share stories, right? There’s something really intimate about these presentations. I feel like I’m in a stranger’s living room, on their comfiest couch, having tea and looking in on a slice of

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life. Someone’s REAL life…not the Hollywood crazy housewives of New York or whatever. It’s voyeuristic, but not in a creepy or overdone way. It’s honest and at times really heartfelt.


Now that’s just good clean fun, eh? 😉



What is it about giving presentations that freaks people out?

I’ve been thinking a lot about how Digital Storytelling. I think it’s kind of a unique way for students to get comfortable representing themselves in the public sphere. There is no “real time” feedback, so students don’t have to experience all those eyeballs starting up at them, but is the idea of a bigger audience more frightening?

These are some of the things I’m thinking about as I host a forum on Digital Storytelling and also put my own Digital Story out there. Much different than an in-class presentation for sure. Still a level of fear factor.

Stay tuned for my Digital Story about Digital Storytelling…coming soon!