Y’know What’s Cool?


In a PechaKucha presentation, there are rules. Twenty images, twenty seconds each. No text. What a neat way to share stories, right? There’s something really intimate about these presentations. I feel like I’m in a stranger’s living room, on their comfiest couch, having tea and looking in on a slice of

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life. Someone’s REAL life…not the Hollywood crazy housewives of New York or whatever. It’s voyeuristic, but not in a creepy or overdone way. It’s honest and at times really heartfelt.


Now that’s just good clean fun, eh? 😉


Digital Stories are Cool. Am I Right?

There is a metric TON of info coming at us all the time and as you probably already know, we use narrative to make sense of stuff. It’s a way we cope with overload and get the heebeegeebees out of our guts (Alexander, 2011).

So what is a digital story? Well, they are a little like a swiss army knife. In their best form they should be multimodal, meaning there are different methods and media used to communicate the message. A digital story should be short, about two minutes or so. The content should have a specific focus and there should be a dramatic arc, just like any good book has (Chase, 2016).The content should be emotional and personal to the creator. What it doesn’t have to contain is the truth (Alexander, 2011; Chase, 2016). Muwahahahaha…..the possibilities are endless.


I think digital storytelling is the funnest thing a teacher could bring into the adult classroom and I think that to know one is to do one. Try creating your own digital story. Why not make one for others to use as a resource or simply to explore something going on in your own life? TALK about a good time. Am I right?

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